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Bring a little MAGIC into your hookah sessions


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Live Animations

Light up your hookah with colorful animations that react to your activity and set the perfect mood for every occasion.

Smart Tracking

Whose lungs are the mightiest? Which bowl works best with your favorite tobacco? Track every hookah session down to the smallest detail and browse past sessions in your personal database.

Handy Hardware

Keep track of your hookah hardware and get the most out of every piece in your inventory – no more equipment catching dust!

Unique Statistics

Do you know at what time do you usually start your hookah sessions? And did you ever wonder which bowl gets used most often? Let your hookah stats answer all those questions!

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WHy manapipes

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For you

Hookah Experience 2.0

Explore a one-of-a-kind gadget that marries hookah tradition with the latest IoT technology to bring you an unmatched hookah experience. Discover all the unique features of Manapipes and bring your hobby to a whole new level.

Comprehensive Data

Our smart hookah stand keeps track of some truly exciting data, providing you with curious insights into your hookah habits. Say goodbye to guesswork and say hello to hard facts!

Captivating Lights

Let your hookah shine bright with colorful animations that react to your activity! There are dozens of them for you to explore, combine, and play around with.

For Business

Exciting Innovation

Enter the new era of smart hookah experience and get the most out of everything we have to offer! Use our smart stands to light up your lounge, amaze your customers, and get precise statistics on most popular tobacco flavors, your busiest times, and other customer behavior.

Hassle-free Reservations

Our reservation system is simple, flexible and easy to use – a perfect fit for your lounge! Let your customers book the table of their choosing, order their hookah online, and get more clients by adding your business to our interactive map.

Radiant Publicity

Become a pioneer of a new era. Be the one to introduce your customers to the magic of Manapipes and watch the word of mouth work wonders! And if you want even more publicity, there is plenty of room for that in our app.

Manapipes TEAR

Minimalist on the Outside

Wood, metal, and lights – a perfect fit for your living room, hookah lounge, and everything in between. Designed with true hookah passion.

Smart on the Inside

Bright lights, an in-built display, a smart sensor, WiFi connectivity, and our very own app – all wired together to bring you the most extraordinary hookah experience yet. Please don’t mind the literal wires.

Easy to Use

Plug your stand into a power bank, place the sensor on your hookah, press a button and voilá – let the magic happen! Sit back and explore the rest in our app – or in our manual, if you’re not feeling adventurous.

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